Dr. Freda Deskin
ASTEC Charter Schools

How ASTEC Charter Schools Help Students Succeed

Freda Deskin, Ph.D., is an educational expert who founded ASTEC Charter Schools to provide students with a better chance of real success. And over the years, her increasingly well-respected educational model has helped thousands of students start new careers and become tireless and skilled professionals. Recently, Dr. Freda Deskin sat down to discuss how ASTEC Charter Schools can benefit student success rates and what separates her school from public education.

Why Dr. Freda Deskin Believes ASTEC Charter Schools Help Students

Over the years, ASTEC Charter Schools has helped fuel a large amount of student success, Dr. Freda Deskin says. Many of her former students have gone on to financial success in many fields. That’s because her school focuses on providing specialized training beyond traditional publicASTEC Charter Schools education by giving students lessons that interest them and engage their minds. At ASTEC Charter Schools, students are allowed to direct their learning in ways that are impossible in public schools.

As a result, Dr. Freda Deskin believes that some highly-intelligent students who may be bored by standard public education can succeed in a charter school. Placing these students in an environment designed for them is critical for their success. And at ASTEC Charter Schools, they can focus on a variety of different unique programs, including various mechanical options and engineering concepts.

Advanced classes appeal to gifted students, Dr. Freda Deskin argues and engages them in ways that public school cannot. And those who plan on getting advanced degrees particularly benefit from ASTEC Charter Schools. That’s because this school utilizes a setup that is similar to the intensity of the college environment. As a result, students can be prepared to handle this transition more easily.

The same is true of underserved populations of students who may be academically behind. Special recovery classes are designed for them to catch up and move beyond.

How ASTEC Charter Schools Enhances a Student’s Character

While ASTEC Charter Schools helps immerse gifted students in challenging courses, Dr. Freda Deskin also believes that it helps with student character. Crowded traditional public schools and overworked teachers try their best to instill a strong work ethic and morals in students but don’t always succeed because there are just too many students. Unfailingly, many fall through the cracks.

At ASTEC Charter Schools, this possibility is significantly decreased. The student to teacher ratio is much more balanced than those at traditional public schools, Dr. Freda Deskin states. This balance is critical to student success, she believes. It also helps teachers because it ensures that they aren’t overworked or tired and gives them the best chance of interacting with each student properly.

When a student goes to ASTEC Charter Schools, Dr. Freda Deskin makes sure that they are paired with teachers who understand their unique interests and needs. Each student gets time to interact with their teacher in a more intimate environment. By building a better understanding between students and teachers, ASTEC Charter Schools helps to enhance student character and improve educational transparency, Dr. Freda Deskin states.

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