Dr. Freda Deskin

Dr. Freda Deskin Discusses Leadership Development at ASTEC Charter Schools

Dr. Freda Deskin provides an in-depth look at the leadership development for the staff and student body at ASTEC Charter Schools.

It takes a special kind of educator to foster real leadership in a school environment. Like any organization, school leadership must start at the top. Fortunately, ASTEC Charter Schools are led by Freda Deskin, Ph.D., an educator with decades of experience and numerous accolades. 

However, leadership isn’t just limited to one person. An organization needs to have multiple people working as positive role models for everyone else. This is especially important in a school environment like ASTEC.

Dr. Freda Deskin

Dr. Freda Deskin on the Role of Leadership at ASTEC Charter Schools

As Dr. Freda Deskin will tell you, leadership can’t be built overnight. It takes dedication, open-mindedness, and a great deal of trial and error. Here’s what Freda Deskin had to say about leadership development at ASTEC Charter Schools:

  • “At ASTEC Charter Schools, we take the approach that the school administrators must know enough about all aspects of the school in order to be able to see the big picture. We work toward the notion that “Excellence is a Habit,” and that the little things count. “Everyone must be focused og the mission of the school .  I listen to my staff and department heads so that we can run our organization as efficiently as possible. This way, we provide the students with the best possible environment in which to learn and grow.” – Freda Deskin


  • “When we are onboarding a new teacher or staff member, we implement our own brand of leadership training. This training helps foster a wide range of skills, from practicing best practices in the classroom to developing an appropriate relationship as a mentor with each student. At the end of the day, this helps ensure that we have positive role models in every position at our schools.” – Freda Deskin


  • “We don’t want to just train leaders to teach our students. We want to train the next generation of local, state, national, and world leaders. In some schools, students simply show up out of obligation and feel unmotivated to learn. This is primarily because they feel a complete lack of control in a school setting. This is why we allow students to guide class discussions and develop leadership skills through trial and error.” – Freda Deskin


  • “Whenever possible, we infuse basic leadership development into our curriculum. It might be a group project that requires one student to be the team leader or a classroom challenge that gives each student a chance to lead the direction of the lesson. Naturally, it varies by age group and subject matter, but the point is that quality leadership is one of the most important skills that we can teach the next generation.” – Freda Deskin

“Though we have many goals at ASTEC Charter Schools, empowering our teachers and students is one of the most important. I like to think that we help develop leaders on a daily basis, especially among our student body. I hope to see a future president of the United States graduate from our school!” – Freda Deskin

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