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How Students Can Increase Charity Work During Pandemic, Explains Dr. Freda Deskin

Students Need to Continue Their Volunteer Hours Despite Pandemic, Dr. Freda Deskin Urges Prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, many students across the country participated in charity work. It provided them with volunteer hours that could help them with their academic standing, improve their chances for scholarships, and more. Freda Deskin, Ph.D., the founder of ASTEC Charter […]

Dr. Freda Deskin

Top 5 Questions Dr. Freda Deskin Suggests To Ask When Choosing a School for Your Child’s Education

Aside from their health, the most important and influential element in your child’s formative years is their education. Of course, it’s not just the academics that affect students, either. Culture, demographics, activities and clubs, environment, and any particular focus the school may have — for example, an immersive language program or a STEM-centered curriculum — […]